Gearify 2.0: Current Features

Design gears of virtually any shape

Compute teeth based on a proprietary mathematical generalization of the classic involute tooth profile to suit non-circular pitch curves and at all times enforce the correct rolling

High fidelity calculation of pitch curves and tooth forms

Intuitive "Wizard" like user interface that walks you through the gear design process

Hyperlinks embedded in UI open bite-sized 2-minute video tutorials to explain every aspect of the software concisely

Input your designs via a point-and-click spline editor, DXF import, or by graphing a mathematical formula

Create irregular shaped closed gears, arc gears, and rack gears

Constrain your designs to possess radial and bilateral symmetries

Visualize points of contact as gears engage

Control for pressure angle, tooth size, tooth tip rounding, root filets, and more

Continuously vary attributes like pressure angle or tooth size to optimize your design

Specify gear backlash

Automatically check for and correct tooth collisions

Export designs to DXF file format

Planned Features

Exporting of STL and OBJ files

3d Visualization

Angular Velocity, Torque and Power Transmissions graphs

Helical Gears

Discontinuous Gears

More save options