Gearify Version 1 (click for website)

Version 1 of Gearify is an older, less polished, less user-friendly product than Gearify 2.0. It is highly recommended you begin with Version 2!

Despite this, Gearify V1 does have some distinct capabilities.

No need to choose!

The good news is Purchasing Gearify 2.0 gives you access to Version 1.

Pros of Version 1

  • Create gears with more arbitrary non-standard tooth profiles.
  • Built in support for planetary gear generation.
  • A few more design input methods at this time, such as upload from image.

Cons of Version 1:

  • No involute tooth generation. For involutes you need Version 2.
  • Not nearly as user friendly or intuitive as Gearify 2.0.
  • Older software (Published in 2014) may have trouble running on certain modern hardware.
  • No generation of arc or rack gears, which are supported by Version 2.

Gearify 1 VS. Gearify 2?

In a nutshell, Gearify 1.0 is a cruder, older product that is restricted more to artistic designs, but may offer more flexibility. Gearify V2 is more structured, and can produce gears suitible for actual machines and applications.

Gearify 1 Migration

In due time I hope to migrate all Version 1 capabilities into Gearify 2.0, or at least give V1 a face-lift so that it is more user-friendly, and runs better on modern hardware.